Practical HR Solutions to Abrasive Leader Problems


May 13, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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As an HR manager, you may have received complaints of extreme micro-managing; employees feeling threatened or fearful of their jobs when; a communication style that belittles and humiliates others; condescending behavior as if no one else is competent; and/or emotional overreaction through impatience and anger. And you also may have experienced the impact of all these behaviors. 

From this interactive and engaging presentation, you will leave with:

  • Practical strategies to deal with abrasive leaders, sometimes known as bullies
  • Hope that the abrasive employee can change
  • Hope that you can be part of having the change happen

An abrasive leader is any individual whose interpersonal behavior causes emotional distress in co-workers, sufficient to disrupt organizational functioning.

Why is this topic important? 

Because it is hard enough to create an engaged and productive culture in the midst of excess uncertainty and change. Abrasive professionals are often very smart, skilled individuals who are valued for their technical skills and the results they’re able to achieve. The abrasive behavior can be difficult to describe in concrete terms. Addressing the behavior directly can feel intimidating. HR professionals are expected to have solutions and traditional interventions do not effectively address abrasive behavior, e.g. sending the individual to communication or sensitivity training, recommending anger management counseling; mediation; and teambuilding. 

Our presenter is Pam Rechel, who has been coaching and consulting with executives as President of Brave Heart Consulting in Portland, OR, for the past 17 years after a career as an HR and OD Director.

A certified coach with ICF, one of Pam’s specialties is personality Type and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicatorâ.  She is currently facilitating conversations about race with white people as they work toward DEI changes.  She was a volunteer coach in the SupporTED program; loves cross country skiing, hiking, cooking, and eating for fun & health.

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