The Central Coast Human Resource Association is operated by volunteer leadership and support. A lot of behind-the-scenes work by the CCHRA board and volunteers goes into operating the organization and coordinating quality programs and benefits for our members. If as a member, you enjoy CCHRA’s programs, website, and newsletter or have ideas on how to improve them, then you should consider volunteering. Volunteering makes a difference in your chapter, community, and your organization, helps CCHRA meet its goals and objectives to better serve our members, and contributes to the advancement of the HR profession. As a volunteer for CCHRA, you will reap many benefits that will help you grow personally and professionally. Some of the possible benefits include: leadership experience, skills development, achievement, recognition, satisfaction through helping others, self-expression, professional competence, and networking. As a CCHRA volunteer, you can:

  • Grow your personal and professional skills, making you more valuable to your current employer and more marketable to potential employers;

  • List your volunteer position on your resume – employers recognize the valuable experience that professional volunteerism provides;

  • Build a reputation and credentials in the Human Resources field;

  • Expand your speaking and communication skills, especially in conducting group meetings and public speaking;

  • Develop leadership skills, including the ability to meet goals through consensus and by working with other volunteers towards a stated goal;

  • Strengthen accountability, time management, and reporting skills;

  • Enhance people skills, such as listening and building rapport;

  • Earn recertification credit for volunteer board or committee positions;

  • Establish relationships with other HR professionals to share information and HR concerns.

Please contact our Member Resources Director for more information. If you are interested in becoming a CCHRA volunteer, please complete this form and return.