Our members share a commitment to develop and maintain high standards in the Human Resources Management profession. Through membership in the Central Coast Human Resource Association, our members gain valuable information through meetings, programs, newsletters, conferences, networking, exchange of information, and resource sharing to raise the standards of performance in all phases of human resources. Professional membership for eligible individuals is available. To apply or renew current membership, follow the links below.


  • CCHRA Annual Membership (non-SHRM members): $85

  • CCHRA Annual Membership (current SHRM members): $75

  • Student Membership: $15
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Please contact our Membership Director if you have any questions or would like more information.

Membership Eligibility

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of CCHRA.  Our chapter is affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  Membership in this chapter is neither transferable nor assignable.  There shall be no discrimination in individual memberships because of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, genetic information, or any other legally protected class.  To apply for an annual (January through December) CCHRA membership, please complete the online membership application.

Membership is open to those persons actively engaged in or with an interest in the areas associated with Human Resource Management. These individuals would include:

  • Human Resource practitioners;

  • Employment / labor law attorneys;

  • Full-time consultants in areas associated with Human Resource Management;

  • Faculty members teaching in areas associated with Human Resource Management or Industrial Relations at an accredited college or university; or

  • Individuals who have demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the Board, a bonafide professional involvement in HR Management and Industrial Relations.

Student Membership

Student membership is designed for individuals exploring human resources and preparing to enter the profession.  Student membership is open to those individuals who are a) enrolled either as full-time or part-time students, at freshman standing or higher; b) enrolled in the equivalent of at least six (6) credit hours; c) enrolled in a four-year or graduate institution and/or a consortium of these or a two-year community college with a matriculation agreement between it and a four-year college or university which provides for automatic acceptance of the community college students into the four-year college or university; d) able to provide verification of a demonstrated emphasis in human resource management subjects; and e) able to provide verification of the college or university’s human resources or related degree program.  Student members may not vote or hold office in the Chapter.

Benefits of Membership 

Benefits of Membership in the Central Coast Human Resource Association include:

  • Affiliation with a local chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest organization for HR professionals.

  • Attending informational chapter meetings at a reduced member rate to network with other HR professionals and leaders in the business community and to stay on top of employment laws and issues through programs delivered by high-caliber speakers.

  • Receiving and displaying information on our Member Resources table at chapter meetings.

  • Access to the informational Members-Only portion of our website.

  • Information, resources, and support to certify or recertify through the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI).

  • Reduced rates to attend programs, post your organization’s HR-related job openings, and advertise through CCHRA.

  • Volunteer opportunities available for those wishing to enhance their leadership skills.

  • Eligible to purchase advertising space in the opening power point slide show at membership meetings. For more details, click here

Code of Ethics

The Central Coast Human Resource Association promotes and maintains the highest standards of personal and professional conduct among its members. Membership in this organization requires adherence to this code of ethics and serves to assure the integrity of the Human Resource Management profession. By accepting membership in this organization, each individual acknowledges the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

  • Strive for personal growth in the field of Human Resource Management.

  • Support the organization’s goals and objectives for developing the Human Resource Management profession.

  • Never use the organization for personal financial gain by either soliciting business or encouraging others to do so, or by using information provided by the organization in its interest to network members.

  • Improve public understanding of the role of Human Resource Management.

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: Unauthorized Promotion and Sales Activities are Prohibited

The Central Coast Human Resource Association’s membership is composed of Human Resources Management practitioners and those who provide products and services to HR professionals – on a profit or non-profit basis. Currently CCHRA’s Code of Ethics provides that members may “never use the organization for personal financial gain by either soliciting business or encouraging others to do so…” This applies to our guests as well. If you are interested in introducing the products or services you provide to the Human Resource community, various venues may be authorized without real or perceived violations to the Code of Ethics. Examples may include advertising via our information table at meetings, newsletter, websites, etc. For information on how to advertise through authorized venues, contact our Member Resources Director.

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